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This homepage is my private site, I intoroduce to use my favorite PENTAX cameras and PENTAX Lenses.
I was going to introduce focusing on the impression of depiction filled at the dogma and prejudice, I was going to let you know the merit of PENTAX with the admiration which is a small and weak maker now, and it made.
I think that the present PENTAX Corp.(Asahi Optical Corp.) of the distinguished services which carried out the Japanese single lens reflex camera so far is large, and that of the contribution to the optical industry of Japan which swept over the world is unfathomable.
The engineer of Rokuousha(present Konica, now Konica-minolta) graduate made the Asahi flex time which is the first single lens reflex camera in Japan. I think that PENTAX is one of the makers who inherited the tradition of the traditional camera technology of this Japan.
PENTAX had the manufacture technology of the lens trained by OEM turned Konishiroku(present Konica, now Konica-minolta) from before the World War II. Moreover, PENTAX is the maker who performed the lens design and has manufactured many excellent lenses by the original lens design also at own company. Thus I am charmed by PENTAX.
PENTAX was a lens specialized producer from the first. Moreover, PENTAX also put coating in practical use early and made SMC which is that famous multi thin layer coating technology put in practical use. Therefore, I think that PENTAX is a company which has the antireflection coating technology of the highest level in the world even today.
I think that the backlight-proof nature and quantity color reproducibility which is not in the lens of the other company are the levels whose imitation is impossible in the other company.
There is admiration which merely harnesses the excellent lens group in a regrettable thing and to which the body became poor with the time. PENTAX LX is in the state of the last highest-class model in the beginning, and we are very sorry about being in the situation which is hard to carry out not at all, and cannot bear.
The PENTAX cameras of medium format are the maker of the share of No. 1, and I think I want you to carry out enduringly. Moreover, I expect development of future DSLR.

by Hidenori Nohara
19 Sep., 2005